BIENVENIDOS AL PARAISO - Emisión 22 de octubre de 2016

Programa 6x04
Area - Crac! (1975) L´Elefente Bianco
Solar Project Paranoia (2016) Persecutory Delusions
The Rome Pro(G)ject II Of Fate And Glory (2016) Seven Hills And A River
The pineapplethief Your Wilderness (2016) The Final Thing on My Mind
Karmakanic DOT (2016) God The Universe And Everything Else No One Really Cares About Part. 1
Marillion Script for a Jester´s Tear (2016) Chelsea Monday
Different Light The Burden Of Paradise (2016) In The Grand Scheme Of Things
Roberto Genco Beyond the life (1977) Nature and trasmigration

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