MÚSICA DIFÍCIL - Emisión 24 de mayo de 2022


All proceeds from the evening go to Stand With Ukraine MN, an initiative by the Ukrainian Community in Minnesota to ensure aid dollars are sent to the most needed areas of Ukraine.
836 Prior Avenue- St. Paul. MN, 55104-USA

  • JOHN ZORN: Kedushah (New Masada Quartet, Tzadik, 2021)
  • JOHN ZORN: El Castillo Interior (Teresa de Ávila, Tzadik, 2021)
  • DEAN MAGRAW: Piezas desconocidas (Live At Built To Last Festival, 22th september 2018, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA- grabación privada)
  • CYRO BAPTISTA & GLOSSO-LALIA: Obama (Live From The Lab. Telefunken Soundstage.Telefunken elektroakustik, 2020- grabación privada)
  • MOOR MOTHER: Up Out Of The Ugly (Offering- Live at Le Guess Who, Don Giovanni Records, 2019)

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